9.3 Summary

We have seen various trends that might influence upcoming web architectures. The HTTP protocol will be eventually replaced by a new web protocol with better performance characteristics and several new features, as various alternative protocols already demonstrate.

The architecture of conventional RDBMS has been raised to question and alternative database systems will appear that get rid of legacy internals. In-memory database systems and event-sourced persistence represent two other and increasingly popular concepts for storage. When the latencies between nodes in a distributed system decrease, new remote operations and distributed computing patterns may become available.

Programming language trends are influenced by new web programming concepts and multi-paradigm language designs. The rise of virtual machines facilitates the formation of new programming languages.

For concurrent and distributed programming, functional and especially declarative programming languages are increasingly gaining attention. Some upcoming language concepts embrace the notions of nondeterminism, dataflow concurrency or logic programming. Others urge the developers to focus on associative, commutative and idempotent application operations in order to tame distributed programming.